I can’t stand the ads


I was enjoying my favorite TV show only a couple weeks ago.

I saw an advertisement for a local Heating and Air Conditioning business when I was watching.

I thought it was just one of those five-minute infomercials, even though I was absolutely wrong. The ad went on and on for an entire half hour. I was interested in exactly what they had to say about their Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and the products they offered. I honestly gave some thought to calling the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation the very next time I needed to have modern Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, which certainly was going to be soon. The following day, I was enjoying a odd TV show, and the HVAC ad came on again. After seeing the same people with their ‘live’ ads and all the ridiculous screaming about how wonderful their corporation was, I was changing my mind rapidly. Any corporation that had to push their wares into your face love this, couldn’t be as wonderful as they thought they were. I had to take a step back and wonder why exactly they felt it necessary to be so in-your-face annoying just to get business from me. I knew they were a modern business, and I also knew they wanted to hurry and get business, but this was ridiculous. It got to where whenever I saw the stupid infomercial come on, I would just switch the channel. When it came time to have my Heating and Air Conditioning system installed, I wouldn’t even think of giving that Heating and Air Conditioning corporation a call.


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