I don't want to spend a fortune on online advertising


last April, my wife plus everyone of us found a young man to help us with our online advertising plus such.

  • Every one of us agreed to a specific hourly wage.

Every one of us started out with this modern supplier at this time. Every one of my friends plus myself did not actually mind paying the lump currency due to the digital advertising that was significantly higher than before hiring a new person. For the past eight months, every one of us have been very happy with the work done by this SEO specialist. Of course, this week my wife plus myself found a few more advertisements from SEO companies. The prices are much less luxurious than each of us are paying to one individual that is working on our furnace plus air conditioning plan. Everyone of us are in a pickle now, because it seems the right time for us to switch over. It is an economic question that we don’t have to answer, but morally it seems wrong to fire a guy that has been doing a great job with our online advertising and search engine optimization. It feels Shady to let the guy go even if we give him a great reference. Still, these large advertising companies can really increase our digital Market and they will have a ton of genuine ideas to do so. I don’t really want to spend more money on this one person, so I feel that the SEO company is our best way to go. I hope the young guy understands when we have to let him go.

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