Great tax benefits for upgrading our HVAC unit


Every one of us made some major difficult decisions last year for our home.

A single decision was to install a higher efficiency and new heater and air conditioner.

Everyone of us remember thinking at that time that every one of us should have probably completed the job several years previously when we had some particularly great tax incentives. Every one of us decided that we should install a particular unit powered by some solar panels. We would utilize the geothermal heat pump first. Every one of us found this would come with a particularly Hefty tag for the price. Every one of us knew we would save a lot of money as well as the environment if we chose the particular geothermal heater. We also knew that every one of us would be happy to increase our home value for other future customers. The efficient and independent running heating and air conditioning components would really be a superb selling point later in the Years. I was really surprised when every one of us found out that there were some programs that were going to be extended retroactively into the year 2021. We received a nice credit on our electric bill and some of those credit covered the cost of the new hardware the both of us knew that it would be difficult to update our system and make these changes if we didn’t get some good tax credits or a sale. Luckily we are taking advantage of this great program before it expires sometime next year.

a/c rep