Hotel A/C Breaks Down in June in the South


One June, I assisted as a chaperone for a youth event occurring in the south.

It was our first June helping in this way as an adult, plus I was really excited to be helping the next set of youth in doing more for their community.

We got to the hotel after a long afternoon of travel, plus I was all set to get rest so that I could be fully prepared for the next afternoon of chaperoning the youth. I walked over to the thermostat plus adjusted the air conditioning to an acceptable thermostat setting, got ready for bed, plus I did not know anything else about the air conditioning. I did not give a thought to anything else about the air conditioning, that is until I woke up in the middle of the night sweating like a pig! For a few moments in our waking up state, I thought I must be coming down with a fever from noticing how I was perspiring. It occurred to myself and others once I was more aware, that it was genuinely boiling in the room. I got up, went to look at the thermostat, however the reading was what I set it on prior to going to sleep. I knew I would not get help from the front desk due to the late hour, so I did some trouble shooting to try to see if I could get that pesky a/c to work. Finally, after what felt like hours of trying, I went back to bed knowing the air-conditioning was not working, no matter how the thermostat was set. I took off all the covers but even still I knew it was going to be a challenging night without air-conditioning in southern June. It was a pretty sleepless night, plus I never knew before that happened just how much weather conditions affect sleep.

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