My Baseball Game Nearly Resulted in Heat Stroke


When my siblings and I were young, a single of our favorite athletic activities to play was baseball.

  • I competed on a team in school plus enjoyed chances to play with friends in university as well.

I was so thrilled this Summer to be able to play with a group of friends a single afternoon. What did not occur to me, though, was moving to warmer weather conditions meant I would be playing outside in really high heat. When I unconnected our smartwatch to play, I noticed that the temperature was 95 degrees. I provided it our all while I was playing. I was playing my hardest, like I had when I was much younger. The team I was on won every inning, plus I felt love I was in our prime of baseball play again. I did not realize just how boiling I was until I began to suppose dizzy. I swiftly found our water bottle, although I knew I needed something other than water to cool myself down. I was absolutely overheated, plus I was competing more than I should have been for a simple ball game with some friends, but luckily, I ran inside to one of the nearby houses, plus almost immediately felt better laying in the air conditioning. I did not realize until I got in there, just how heated our body was, plus how much I was sweating. The air conditioning felt so nice, plus our body felt so much better getting the air conditioning as well as pouring cold water down my gullet. I am so blissful that the neighbor let me in to use her air conditioning plus did not wait too long to come inside. Things could have been much more terrible had I not had the option of air conditioning in the moment I was feeling nauseated from the heat.

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