Food is Good but Broken HVAC Ruins Night Out


One of the worst diner experiences I ever experienced was all because of a temperature issue. Some loved one’s I had not seen in a few years came to visit our wife plus me. We had a fun afternoon, plus wanted to end the afternoon with enjoying some great food at a place we used to go to together. It was the middle of summer, so I did not know to wear a sweater. As both of us sashayed into the diner, I immediately regretted that decision! I started shivering straightaway as the temperature was so cold. I started to wonder if I should mention something about the fact it seemed their air-conditioning seemed to be all locked up, although I did not want to ruin the enjoyable time both of us were having with our friends, then unluckily, I should have said something about the air-conditioning problem sooner, as the friends I had with myself and others straightaway became uncomfortable as well. It was crazy how both of us looked, as both of us were all huddled over our menu, plus placing our orders huddled together. My wife tried to say something to the server, whom I now noticed was wearing a sweater, plus they told myself and others they were unable to make the thermostat control properly. I seriously considered inquiring if I could trade a greater tip for a sweater, however instead both of us ate swiftly plus went back to our weather conditions-controlled, heated cars. I knew at that moment that this miserable eating experience would prove to be a relaxing lesson. It doesn’t matter how delicious the food is, if the temperature is not right, the experience is not relaxing at all! I knew I would store this in my memory as a lesson for hosting events that I need to regularly ensure the best possible heating plus cooling for the best possible experience.

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