Things have been relentless with repairs plus emergencies around the house, and my life as a whole. My stepfather passed away last year and I was stricken with grief I wasn’t expecting to recognize for another decade or more, however it came on like a cyclone without my consent. I thought I was finally starting to feel a little bit better about his death right before I got in a motorcycle accident that totaled my bike. I had a couple of broken ribs, a fracture in my leg, plus another in my right arm. The doctors said that I was lucky to be alive, let alone walking around and not paralyzed. It was a scary experience to endure, however I was determined to push forward regardless of my injuries. We were gliding into the snowy and icy winter season around that time, so I was starting to use my central heating system on a daily basis. I would turn it on at a mild setting, just bringing the house up to 60 degrees at the absolute highest. In reality, I was keeping it closer to 50 degrees most of the time. This was why I felt I had been using it responsibly, however that was until my carbon monoxide alarm went off. My specialist came out that same day and determined the source of the gas leak. The heat exchanger inside my heating system had a tiny crack that was letting out small bits of gas while the heating system was cycling. Heat exchangers are not cheap fixes at all, so in the end I determined that my best course of action would be replacing the heating system outright. It was already 11 years old at that point plus at best had another few years or less worth of life left in it.


I got myself a new heating system.