You can wipe the outside surface of an air handler with bleach cleaner, but not inside


I get too crazy with my cleaning procedures from time to time.

I bought a new kind of bleach cleaning spray and I have been hitting every area of my house.

So much bleach spray got into the air that I gave myself a sore throat and a throbbing headache. I was cleaning off my TV, my floors, my kitchen table, my bathroom sink and my shower. In the end, I think I did more damage to my lungs than actual measurable effects on diminishing bacteria and any other harmful particles collecting on my indoor surfaces. I went crazy with the cleaning in every part of my house that got hit. It’s safe to say that some of my surfaces are the cleanest that they have ever been. I started to notice a small amount of mildew growing the external metal surface of my air conditioner that sits in a closet inside my house. It gets musty in there and the black spores begin to show themselves. I learned that it is safe to clean the outside surface of the air conditioner with a bleach solution if you’re careful not to get any inside the air handler. You never want to clean the inside of an air conditioner or dehumidifier with any form of bleach. It will make the metal in the evaporator coil oxidize and rust. This is permanent damage that cannot be reversed and in many cases is enough to put the coil out of commission altogether. Since new evaporator coils aren’t cheap, I make sure I never touch the inside of the air conditioner with bleach. I let my trained HVAC specialist clean it with a spray made specifically for that job. It’s both safe and effective at keeping the inside of my AC clean and free of mold growth.

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